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EQ830SA Clinical Reasoning for the Equine Healthcare Professional

Course Instructor
Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM.

Prerequisite:A thorough understanding of equine anatomy limits the enrollment of this course to professionals such as veterinarians, holders of a post- graduate/masters degree in Veterinary PT, licensed physical therapists, licensed veterinary technicians, licensed chiropractors, licensed osteopaths, qualified Animal Rehabilitation Institute graduates, qualified McTimoney graduates, qualified Equinology®   Equine Body Worker graduates and graduates of an International Equine Body Worker Association approved school. All of the above must have continuing education in equine body work and specialize in horses.


Classroom and Practical Sessions: Recognizing acupoints indicating musculoskeletal issues

Clinical evaluation*

Theory of acupoints for assessment

Contraindications (and common sense)

Related pathologies of thoracolumbar region/pelvis

Related pathologies of the cervical region

Related pathologies of the forelimb and the hindlimb

Gait Assessments in regards to clinical reasoning and applications


Classroom Session: Direct and indirect causes of musculoskeletal issues

Variables leading to tissue dysfunction


Classroom and Practical Sessions : Soft tissue techniques used to address musculoskeletal issues

Massage techniques

Myofascial techniques

Soft tissue mobilization and releases   

Range of motion exercises

Targeting regions of the spine, the pelvis and the limbs



This unique clinic, the first of its kind, has been developed specifically for the advanced equine health care provider.   This four day course focuses on the musculoskeletal system; a system often overlooked in the well being of the horse. Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM and internationally recognized for his work as an equine acupuncturist and animal manipulator, has had repeatable successful results using acupoints and advanced soft tissue mobilization techniques to investigate musculoskeletal issues on horses especially the performance horse. In this course he will present these insights and approaches to address these reoccurring problems and help eliminate them completely.

Participants will be instructed by Dr. Ridgway on how to incorporate the use of acupoints, static evaluations and gait observations to appraise possible issues in regards to the musculoskeletal system. Horses in hand and under saddle will be evaluated by the class. After reviewing the case studies, the participants offer suggestion for the approach and then practice the techniques presented in the class.



This course is required for the Equinology® Master Equine Body Worker Certification.

It is also a component of the Equinology® Extension Certification Modules  and is required for the Equinology Advanced Equine Acupressure Practitioner Certification EAEAP. The EQ820: Equine Acupressure Level Three is also required in addition to the Equinology® Equine Body Worker certification to attain this EAEAP certification. However, students are invited to take this course at any time as long as they meet the prerequisites listed above.


For the certification outline, please click here: