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EQ710SA Advanced Saddle Fitting 

Course Instructor
Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM.

In this advanced 4 day course, Dr. Kerry Ridgway will review the mechanics of good saddle fit and expand on those guidelines previously covered.  The students will participate in real life saddle fitting experiences and approaches during the course. A saddle repair specialist will be on site to make minor corrections for the saddle fit sessions along with other specialists. 


Classroom portions will cover lectures in the topics as well as exploring different pads, pad systems and shims that may necessary in temporary and existing situation. A large selection of pads, correction pads, measuring systems and saddles will be utilized during the course for discussion and exploration of what they can truly offer and to utilize sensibly in the real world.


The practicals will be split up amongst the lectures. Students will be divided into groups to make templates, measure horses for saddle fit, utilize the techniques taught for saddle fit assessment, explore and implement reasonable use of shims, correction pads and regular pads as well as evaluate horse\\\'s bodies for fit. A portion of this will also include the rider. Students will have the chance to implement the course topics and discuss their suggestions for the horse and rider with Dr. Ridgway.


For those who would like to bring horses into the course for a horse and rider saddle fit session by the students whose assessments will be confirmed by Dr. Ridgway, there is a $200 fee which does not include stabling. Some stalls are available at the facility; please contact us for the information. You may bring the saddles you own for assessment and in addition you will have access to try ones that are available onsite. Please notify us at least one month in advance so we can have saddles for your discipline.


Participants are eligible to take this advanced course after completing the EQ700 foundation course. However these courses are not allowed to take back to back.  


Course Outline:

Review the principles and mechanics of saddle fit

Review and expand on evaluating the horse\\\'s body

Evaluating the rider\\\'s position

Choose and evaluate the correct saddle for the horse

Choosing the right pad for the job

Practical and reasonable use of pad systems and shims

Saddle fit for temporary issues

Soft tissue work for saddle fit issues

Working with your saddle repair specialist


Required Reading : None


Suggested Reading and Viewing:

Saddle Fitting A to Z : DVD by Dr. Kerry Ridgway

The Horse\\\\\\\'s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman, DVM

The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion by Pilliner, Elmhurst and Davies

Recognizing the Horse in Pain by Dr. Joanna Robson


This course is a component of the Equinology® Extension Certification Modules  and is required for the Equinology® Saddle Fitter Certification ESF. The EQ7o0: Saddle Fitting Course is also required in addition to the Equinology® Equine Body Worker certification to attain this ESF certification. However, students are invited to take this course at any time as long as they meet the prerequisites.


For the certification outline, please click here: