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EQ500SA Fundamentals of Equine Dentistry

Course Instructor

Dr Cedric Tutt


Let Dr. Cedric Tutt demonstrate the need for specialized Equine Dentistry. Dr Tutt will provide lectures and cover topics such as dentition, skull structure and function, common dental problems, problems associated with teeth concerning health and training, and assessment of dental conditions. This course is great anyone in the equine health care field as well as owners and trainers. You\\\\\\\'ll find Dr. Tutt entertaining and engaging and at the same time you will learn so much! Participants who wish to bring horses need to contact Equinology for details. The hands-on portion of class will enable participants to assess the dental condition of several horses and learn what problems to look for in the mouth.

This course is required for Master EBW certification
To complete the MEBW certification you must have passed the Equine Body Worker� Level II Certification.

For the certification outline, please click here: