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The Tellington-TTouch® Method: How to Enhance Equine Wellness through gentle handling, focusing and relaxing techniques. Formatted for the practicing Equine Body Worker and Equine Health Care Professional


I first saw Linda Tellington Jones in the late 80s when my trainer insisted that I audit a workshop in Sonoma, CA.  I had other plans for the weekend and after much discussion conceded to go.   That weekend was one of the best of my life. Any reservations were instantly set aside as I watched in awe. It was the first time I saw  that type of communication and connection offered generously between a horse and a person. I credit Linda Tellington Jones for the direction that my life took after that weekend.   
                                          Debranne Pattillo, CEO, Equinology INC


In this 5 day course, participants will be trained in the theory, concepts and practice of TTouch® and TTEAM® at it pertains to equines of all kinds, training in every discipline. TTouch® is a gentle form of bodywork based on the intention of “activating cellular function”. It is a form of language without words-a mode of communication that crosses the species barrier and results in a deeper understanding and trust between people and animals. The TTEAM® Method for animals has several goals: Improve behavior, enhance performance and well-being, and deepen the relationship between horses and their people. In addition, it has the effect of increasing a horse’s ability to learn, to focus and to cooperate.


The aspects of the Playground for Higher Learning (ground work) and the work under saddle with the TTeam® and TTouch® special equipment have major effect on the behavior, attitude and performance of horses. For this portion, horses with specific issues will be chosen for students to practice the TTouch® bodywork. The muscle groups addressed in the moves will discussed and reviewed. These horses will also be worked in-hand and under saddle by assistant teachers to demonstrate the proper approach for the ground work.


In addition, the application of select TTouches and how they can be used during veterinary treatment will be presented. These are of course are subject to the clearance and approval of the attending veterinary. Some examples to be presented are:

   Reducing stress for the horse and for the veterinarian or vet technician

   Supporting the body\'s ability to heal

   Enhancing an animal’s willingness and ability to learn without force

   Releasing fear at the cellular level

   Overriding the instinctive flight or fight response

   Eliminating tension, fear, fear of contact, soreness and discomfort