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EQ1500 Horse and Rider- First Aid

Online course

Whether you are a professional in the equine health care industry, a trainer or a horse owner, it is a good idea to know first aid.

This course which is already a valuable asset is currently being reworked to include more information on bandaging and the legalities of providing first aid care.

Course Preview:
A portion of the proceeds from this course are donated to the AAEP Foundation.

This comprehensive online course is designed for horse owners and equestrian facility personnel. After successfully completing the course, you may print a course completion certificate.

Topics include:

  • How to prepare for an emergency plan for your horse, family, house and barn
  • How to perform a physical examination on your horse
  • Common equine medical emergencies
  • First aid care for your horse
  • Injury assessment for humans (Horse and Rider First Aid only)
  • First aid care for humans (Horse and Rider First Aid only)

There are hundreds of photographs to help illustrate life-saving techniques, PDF files for writing your plan and supply checklists for your emergency preparedness kits. Videos on specific bandaging is being added to the course content.

To register for this course go directly to the site:

For Equinology credit:

Once you have successfully completed the course you can register for Equinology credit and externship. You will have an externship to complete at home like all of our courses assure you understand the course content and to practice your skills. Once you have successfully completed the special Equinology externship you will receive credit from Equinology. This course is a new requirement for the EEBWII certification. It replaces the previous requirement, Horse Handling, Behavior and Ground exercises for those working towards the EEBWII certification.  If you have already completed the Horse Handling, Behavior and Ground exercises course, you will not be required to take this course for your EEBWII certification although it is strongly recommended.

You may take this course at any time.

This course is required for the Equine Body Worker Level II certification.
To test for the EBWII certification you must have passed the EBW or comparable certification first although courses can be taken in any order.

For the certification outline, please click here: