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EQ1400SA Equine Nutrition

Course Instructor
Marion Young MSc.

Are you feeding your horse too much, too little, appropriate rations for his workload or lack of workload? How about supplements? What is needed in regard to your location? What are the different types of feeding programs for a young horse, old horse, working horse, lactating mare, and stallion? Often we are at the mercy of advertising and merchants. You\\\\\\\'ll be surprised by the scientifically based studies which throw out ideas that we thought were facts.

The intention of this 3-day class is to give you guidelines for a feed program with variations for locations and dispel some of the myths. In this class you will learn to rate the horse\\\\\\\'s condition, identify plant and feed products as well as formulate and balance the ideal feed program for horses. An extra day was added to this course to provide more time in lab for formulating and balancing the feed programs.

Course cost includes manual and handouts

This class is suitable for those just beginning their studies. However, horse handling skills and a thorough understanding of equine safety a must. You\\\\\\\'ll find you will lower the cost of your feed program by participating in this class.

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