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EQ107 Externship Camp 

Do you have the majority of your paperwork and case studies done for a course\'s externship but need that final push or a review before you finish?


Here is your chance to work one on one with Debranne Pattillo, to review your work, go over topics and items that need to be addressed and present your visual presentation live. Upon satisfactory completion you will have finalized the course externship for the particular course! The externship camp is suitable for the EQ103 Equine Advanced Massage and Bodywork Techniques, the EQ300: Equine Biomechanics, the EQ600 Equine Lameness and the EQ900: Equine Anatomy Progressive Workshop. In some cases the Equinology Equine Body Worker (EEBW) Certification participants will be allowed for an externship camp focusing on the EEBW course only but requests must first be reviewed to see if appropriate.


For example, two students found that life just kept getting in the way while trying to complete the externship for the EQ103 Equine Advanced Massage and Bodywork Techniques Level One. They had done all their case studies as well as the label session and one of the painted horse session. They both felt they needed a bit of a review for a few of the advanced techniques (and wanted to see the new ones that had been added). The also wanted a review on the point and label session. So they came to externship class for three day where the outline was tailored to their needs to include the review, a label session and one paint session. We then ran through all of the new moves which they presented instead of filming. Everything was great and they officially passed the externship.


A minimum of two people attending two days is required for the externship camp, three days is  preferred. The preferred location is at The Sea Ranch but Debranne is willing be present in other locations if she is already at that location for another course. Additional fees for lodging and travel may be required. If presented at The Sea Ranch the cost is $200 per day per student. If is preferable if the students are working on the same things so find a buddy if you can!


Write Debranne privately at: ronamead(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested in externship camp and outline your needs.