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We have added this three day Equinology\'s Equine Body Worker ® Review Course to allow the Equinology ® student to just concentrate on a review. Often students are requesting a brush up and feedback on their skills so this will enable a great opportunity to do just that.


Students planning to submit their externship for the Equine Body Worker ® Certification Course will find this extremely beneficial to get the advice and that extra push they may need to get the paperwork in. A label complete label session done in this class is eligible to be used for your Equine Body Worker ® certification submission


Course Outline:

  • Review the full massage session
  • Review the deep and superficial muscle location
  • Review and palpation of the 80 point locations
  • Contraindications for massage review
  • Bony landmark/surface anatomy identification review
  • Stretches and relaxation exercises for the massage session review
  • Subjective gait analysis review

Course Duration:

Students attend class daily from 8:00 am to 4:30pm and have additional 3 hours of evening study on the first 2 evenings.


Tuition includes: Class supplies



Required Text: Anatomy of a Massage Series: Painted Horse Massage Routine by Debranne Pattillo, MEBW. This text is available on line or can be purchased at the course.



You must bring your Equine Body Worker ® Certification Course Manual with you. You must have participated in EQ100, EQ101 OR EQ102. Students who have not yet completed their Equine Body Worker ® Certification Course externship are more than welcome to join in! Only Equinology ® students from our Equine Body Worker ® Certification Course are allowed in this course. No exceptions.