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This is that great course which builds the dog’s muscles using clay from the inside out. This year Jon Zahourek, founder and creator of the system is your course leader. Participants comprehend form and function while discovering the logic of anatomy and the relationship of structures. It’s a great opportunity to learn through a unique approach. Zahourek Systems provides rental of the upright anatomically correct professional model as well as the clay, tools and workbook. Monitors will insure your ability it see exactly what the instructor is building. Join us at this art studio built specifically with these courses in mind!

Build on your knowledge if you’ve taken this course previously or attended other anatomy classes. You’ll find other participants who have attended this course repeatedly to gain insight and more information with every experience. You\'ll also find yourself sitting amongst veterinarians, breeders, trainers, artists, canine physical therapists, massage therapists and other top canine specialists in the industry as well as the horse enthusiast.

This year Zahourek is offering a purchase price of the Caniken® Professional 1 model for $899 in conjunction with the tuition. Participants can take home their model and remove the clay muscles at their leisure. In order to obtain this special purchase, arrangement must be made 5 weeks to the start of the course.

Tuitions Includes:
5 day Caniken™ Foundation Course: Rental of model, tools, workbook and clay.

Required Reading:
Students must read and understand the glossary provided with course registration.

Strongly Suggested Reading:

Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy: The Dog by Ashdown and Done


Registration: Please go to and register directly with the Zahourek Systems


Caninology/Equinology Credit: To receive Equinology credit for this course you must complete the 25 hour externship required for this course. Please wait to register for this credit and externship after you have completed the course. Externship is done at home following the course. Please contact the Equinology office with any questions.


An anatomy course is required for the Canine Body Worker ® Level II Certification.

For the certification outline, please click here: