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Courses presented by Equinology Inc. Where available in South Africa through EquiworkSA, Prices are quoted in ZARands. All fees include VAT

EQ50 (online)Equine Anatomy Pre - Course Distance Study$95 USD
EQ75Equine Massage and Bodywork 
EQ100SAEquinology® Equine Body Worker Qualification Course ZAR 18,200
EQ101Extended Equine Sports Massage Foundation Qualification 
EQ102Extended Equine Sports Massage Foundation Qualification (and Retreat) 
EQ103SA Advanced Equine Bodywork Level IZAR13,000
EQ106SAEquinology® Equine Body Worker Review Course ZAR 5,130
EQ107Externship Camp 
EQ300-600Equine Biomechanics, Gait Abnormalities and LamenessZAR10,716
EQ300SAEquine BiomechanicsZAR 6,270
EQ400SAStretching and Range of Motion ExercisesTBA
EQ500Equine Dental Care in Today\'s WorldOnline course
EQ510SAFundamentals of Equine DentistryZAR3,705
EQ600SAEquine Gait Abnormalities and LamenessZAR4,446
EQ700SASaddle Fitting for the Equine Healthcare Professional ZAR8, 949
EQ710Advanced Saddle FittingZAR 8,949
EQ800SAEquine Acupressure Level1 
EQ810Equine Acupressure Level2  
EQ820Equine Acupressure Level 3 
EQ830SAClinical Reasoning for Equine Health Care ProfessionalsZAR 8,949
EQ900SAAnatomy Discovery Progressive CourseZAR 16,800
EQ950Equine Dissection: spine and pelvis 
EQ1000Biomechanics of the Equine Foot and the Current Hoofcare Trends Online
EQ1050 (ARI)Biomechanics of the Equine Foot  
EQ1100SA Equine Myofascial Release Techniques IZAR 10,488
EQ1110SAEquine Myofascial Release Techniques IIZAR 6,156
EQ1300Equine Neurology, Muscle Physiology and Pathology Online
EQ1400SAEquine NutritionZAR 4,446
EQ1500First aid for Horse and RiderOnline
EQ1600SAEquine Photonic Red Light Therapy ZAR 8,208
EQ1850 Equine Exercise Physiology Online
EQ2010T Touch for Equine Body Workers 
CN3000SACaninology® Canine Body Worker Certification CourseZAR 17,250
CN3005 (online)Canine Anatomy and Behaviour Pre-Course Distance StudyAdmin fee only
CN3010The Dynamic Dog- Biomechanics and Gait Abnormalities 
CN3040SACanine Myofascial Release Techniques Level 1 ZAR8,949
CN3080Canine Anatomy in Clay with Zahourek Systems 
CN4000SA BCaninology Canine Body worker Certification Course Part B ZAR 8,625.00
CN4000SA ACaninology Canine Body worker Certification Course Part A  ZAR 8,625.00
  • Fees are correct as of September 2013
  • Fees are subject to change without warning due to the volatile exchange rate.
  • all fees include VAT.

We hope that with interest and support from South African students we will be able to present the whole programme within a few years.