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Some titles mentioned are either required or suggested reading. These books are generally available from Horse Books Unlimited and the contact details are as follows:

Mrs H.P. Divov
Horse Books Unlimited
P.O.Box 4516, Halfway House, RSA, 1685
Tel: +27 (0)11 315 5333
Fax: +27 (0)11 805 2976

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Improve Your Horse's Well Being
Linda Tellington-Jones
A Step-By-Step Guide to TTouch and TTEAM Training

This fully illustrated and complete guide to Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTouches and TTEAM groundwork for horses is easy to understand for all horsemanship levels. You’ll find that the ground exercises are a wonderful addition to rehabilitative and follow up exercises used by the equine body workers as well as any training techniques for all disciplines. Many moves are used to modify behavioral and physical problems by expanding a horse’s capacity for learning through improved balance and coordination. These deceptively simple touches and exercises, which dramatically enhance the horse’s training and well-being, are shown in this handsome book in 120 clear, sequential color photos. Equinology highly recommends this book as well as the TTouch and TTEAM programs. A true value for your money.